LED panel light

A downlight that combines lighting and pressure relief.

The LED panel light uses ultra-high brightness LED as the light source, suitable for hotels, bars, western restaurants, cafes, home interiors, and other indoor lighting. It can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamps, and its brightness is higher. led lights as new light are energy-saving,envirenment friendly and afforable, I can save more a third than the traditional at least in energy.led strips As energy saving lamp has been use to replace the traditional widly, All our products be designed to be quality ,functional and cost effective.

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Panel Lights Origin:China (mainland)
Key Specifications/Special Features: Aluminium Frame-good heat dissipation
Aluminium alloy frame, good heat dissipation and durable. Silver color and white color for option.

1. Light distribution design: front light, high brightness, mixed evenly.
2. Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs.
3. Using aluminum alloy shell, with frosted poly cover, Have good heat dissipation ability and optical effects.
4. Product quality: all products before they leave the factory after several strict examination, and has a number of safety certification.
5.Applications of thin led panel light :Commercial and residential lighting;Ideal replacement of traditional bulbs;Shop windows, galleries, museums and exhibitions; Hotel, meeting room, showroom, office, factory;Airport, metro station, etc.