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Various patterns of illuminating DIY

In this era of personalization, personality is fashion, Being unique is always the pursuit of the fashion family, so DIY - the inevitable The new fashion of modern life. When you find interesting patterns in your life, you can take advantage of them. The lamp has DIY out of its beautiful silhouette, so you can still be in the dark night. Enjoy the beauty of it. Let this happy moment be accompanied.

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The LED lights as new light are energy-saving,envirenment friendly and afforable, i can save more a third than the traditional at least in energy.led strips as energy saving lamp has been use to replace the traditional widly, all our products be designed to be quality ,functional and cost effective. July 22, 201

Product features description:

About smd5050 led strip : 1.Waterproof and non-waterproof smd5050 led strip can be easily bend,can be used in outdoor advertising signboard contour sign,good flexibility, bend optionally, easy installation. 2.3M adhesive on the back, can be fixed on any surface. 3.Using super bright Epistar SMD5050 LED as light source,High brightness, low-light decay, long life, color and good consistency. 4.Small size, rich colors. A Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm White, RGB and so on other colors for customers to choose. 5.Every 3 LEDs lights can form a loop, 5cm per cut. Every 3 LED lights can be cut along any of the above tangent, without damaging other parts. 6.Operation low voltage (DC12V, DC24V) for human safety. 7.RGB controler and power supply can be offered if you need.